OBAYASHI - Smart BIM Standard

Component Families

Family Naming Convention

Describes the naming conventions for the ob family project-specific families.

Type Name Example

For fittings (windows/doors) families, examples of names according to the rules are shown in separate materials. *This document includes not only component families (windows and doors), but also system families (walls, floors, and ceilings). Content List

ob Family Name

The ob family uses the category abbreviation as a prefix. Shared components are expressed as “_Sver1-0” by adding “S” to the part of the version name “_ver1-0” in order to indicate that they are shared in the family name. However, the structure family is an exception, and the family name is “_ob_category abbreviation (_supplement)_ver”). Fitting families are also set based on different rules so that differences in shape can be easily distinguished. (refer to the following) List of category abbreviations

Door Family

The obdoor family consists of a nested hierarchy of families. This makes it easy to change and manage the family. At the same time, consideration is given to the user’s ability to quickly create project-specific shapes. Door family composition parent family (frame and size) >—nesting—> DPS family (opening direction) >—nesting—> DP family (shape)
Parent (frame and size) family
Notation example 1)_D_Internal opening_ver*-* Notation example 2)_LB_Folding door_ver*-*
  • The prefix should be “_ (underscore)”.
  • Alphabet rules: “D” door, “F” frame, “H” single-sided, “HC” double, “I” inspection door, “L” lightweight (steel), “O” normally open fire door, ” “T” External SD, “Q” Shutter, “S” Steel
  • If there is a second letter: “R” double door, “Y” parent and child door, “K” single door, “B” folding door, “KC” double door, “Ky” parent and child door, “W” window
DPS (Open, Swing) / DPU (Combination) family
Notation example 1) DPS_D_Internal single opening_ver*-* Notation example 2) VPUh_Horizontal double_ver*-*
  • The prefix alphabetical rules are the same as the parent family. “V” can be used anywhere.
  • 2nd letter: “P” panel
  • Third letter: ‘S’ DPS family, ‘U’ DPU family
  • 4th letter: “e” for external use, etc.
  • ***(*)_「*」_:「D」single opening,「R」double opening,「Y」parent-child opening, etc.
  • 2nd letter: “P” panel
  • 3rd and 4th letters: “n” no window, “a” with small window, “G” flush, “g” flush (thin), “k” frame, “s” slit window, “tp” tempered glass , ‘w’ waist window
Combination with parent family The combination of parent family and DPS family is used in a fixed combination. The names of the DPS families are grouped by prefixes to explicitly indicate parent-child relationships that can be combined. The parent-child combination relationship is shown below.
parent family Representative DPS family child prefix rule
_D_内部開き戸 DPS_D_内部片開き DPS,DPU
_TD_外部開き戸 DPSe_D_外部片開き DPSe,DPU
_ID_点検扉 IPS_D_点検片開き IPS,IPU
_OD_常開片開き OPS_常開1枚 OPS
_ORY_常開両開き OPS_常開1枚 OPS
_H_外付け片引き戸 HPS_H用1枚引き HPS
_HC_外付け引き分け戸 HPS_H用1枚引き HPS
_LK_片側引き込み KPS_LK用1枚引き KPS
_LKC_両側引き込み KPS_LK用1枚引き KPS
_Q_ホスト有りシャッター QPS_シャッター QPS,QPU
_Q_ホスト無しシャッター QPS_シャッター QPS,QPU
_LB_折れ戸 BPS_LB用2枚折れ BPS
_内部戸当り無し枠 VPS_B_折れ分け4枚 VPS,VPU
_SW_普通枠 VPS_H_引き分け VPS,VPU
_F_一方 なし なし
_外部戸当り無し枠 VPS_H_引き分け VPS,VPU
(non-alphabetic parent, as above) VPS_H_引き分け VPS,VPU
In the following, for the sake of convenience, the group will be collectively referred to as “panel group”, and each group will be referred to as “D-type panel”, “H-type panel”, etc. In addition, the V-type panel is created as a panel group that can be used everywhere, and the internal windows are positioned as part of it.

Window Family

The ob window family consists of a nested hierarchy of families. This makes it easy to change and manage the family. At the same time, we have taken into consideration that users can quickly create project-specific shapes. Composition of window family Parent family (frame and size) >- nesting -> WPS family (red part in the figure below)
Sash frame family
Notation example 1) _AW_ALC_ver*-* Notation example 2) _AWG_RC_ver*-*
  • The prefix should be “_ (underscore)”.
  • Alphabetical rules: “AW” aluminum window, “AWG” with aluminum window rattle
Windows panel family
Notation example 1) WPS_A_縦軸回転_ver*-* Notation example 2) WPUh_2連不均等_ver*-*
  • The prefix should be “_ (underscore)”.
  • Alphabet rules: “A” vertical axis rotation, “D” single opening, “F” fix fitting, “G” flush, “H” single pull, “Hm” draw, free single pull, both sleeve single pull, ” “P” sticking out, “R” double doors, “S” vertical sticking out, “T” outboard, “Z” sliding

Project-specific Family Name

To reduce operational confusion, we recommend the following naming convention: In-place families are prefixed with an “I” to identify them as in-place families in the project browser. If you customize the ob family in your project, add a third digit to the ver number to manage the version in your project. Families added in the project should be prefixed with the project abbreviation, if possible, to distinguish them from the ob family. This will reduce confusion during support. Many furniture families are published by manufacturers, and it is difficult to keep the above rules, so please decide the rules for each project.